Harness the power of recorded voice
    for Serious Business

    Verbal Contracts can help you win charge-backs and avoid billing disputes.

    Stop Chasing After Written Signatures!!!

    Lifetime Storage with Unlimited Retrieval

  • VERBAL CONTRACTS will help you avoid  billing disputes and win charge-backs!

    Verbal Contracts protect all individuals involved.  Verbal Contracts. protect both you and your customers.
    Works with Mobile Phones!

    Our Verbal Contracts work great with cell phones and for those who are out of the office.  Easily create and review verbal contracts from anywhere using your cell phone.

  • VERBAL CONTRACTS can be used as Verbal Authorization for Check by Phone payments

    - lifetime storage with unlimited retrieval

  • The Legal Requirements for Telemarketers

    VERBAL CONTRACTS complies with Telemarketing Sale Rule

    Verbal Contracts allows you to meet or exceed FTC's Telemarketing Sales Rule

Win Your Next Payment Dispute with a Verbal Contract!

Using Verbal Contracts will help you to win charge-backs and avoid billing disputes. 

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